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[Can Pu’er tea make milk tea]_Milk tea material_Can you make it?

[Can Pu’er tea make milk tea]_Milk tea material_Can you make it?

Puer tea is less commonly used as milk tea. The flavor of Puer tea is not good with milk powder, but Puer tea can be used with ingredients such as honey or Luo Han Guo. These combinations can make good use of Puer tea.

Pu’er tea with honey can nourish the stomach and protect the stomach. Whether specific Pu’er tea can be used to make milk tea, everyone will know if you read the following content.


Fill the teapot with tea leaves.


Fill with boiling water and pour after 20 seconds.


Fill with boiling water for 30 seconds and filter to sea of tea.


Tea powder is mixed with milk powder and dissolved with a small amount of cool white.

(Fresh milk is also fine, just add tea milk to the soup). 5.

Pour the filtered Pu’er tea and stir.


Add an appropriate amount of condensed milk and stir well before adding.

The other five kinds of Pu’er tea are mixed with drinking method 1, cooked tea + honey will cool the brewed Pu’er cooked tea a little, just add honey, the tea soup tastes very smooth, and it is sweet but not greasy.

Due to the mild temperament of Pu’er cooked tea, honey can also nourish the stomach, protect the stomach, clear the intestines and detoxify.

2, cooked tea + Gong Ju, wolfberry brewing method is very simple, is to put Pu’er tea with Gong Ju, wolfberry brewing together, do not have a refreshing and fragrant taste.

3, cooked tea + roses, sweet-scented osmanthus is added to pu’er ripe tea, but it is both fragrant and cosmetic, and generally replaces roses or osmanthus.

After brewing, the unique fragrance of cooked tea is entwined with the fragrance of flowers and herbs, which makes the tea soup romantic and soft.

4. Cooked Tea + Chen Pei Adding Puer Pei or Dried Orange Peel to Pu’er cooked tea is a good way to soothe throat and clear phlegm in winter, but the taste of tea soup is slightly bitter. Those who like it don’t think it has some flavor.

5, raw tea + ice cubes say so much “added” cooked tea, why is there no raw tea?

This is mainly because the matured tea has been fermented and the tea is too mild. It has the same reason as the “king of the wild” black tea. If you want to complete a famous tea on raw tea, it is true: raw tea + ice.

But every winter, do n’t try it. If you are interested, you can try it next summer.

The meaning of adding ice cubes is of course brewing Pu’er tea. Generally, raw tea is selected. The taste is cool and sweet, and it has a good thirst quenching, heatstroke prevention and refreshing effect. It is very suitable for hot seasons.

However, since the tea soup is cold, friends who have a bad stomach or a cold body should not be greedy.