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[How do pumpkin hair cakes become fluffy?

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[How do pumpkin hair cakes become fluffy?
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Pumpkin is a kind of food that is easier to digest and can provide a lot of nutrients to the body.

The main method of pumpkin in daily life is to eat it with steam, and the taste is still very good.

Some people use pumpkin as an ingredient and flour to make delicious pumpkin cakes.

But sometimes the hair cake is hard and tastes bad, so how to make pumpkin hair cake soft?

Pumpkin hair cake material: peeled pumpkin 300 g flour 220 g white sugar 15 g yeast 3 g warm water 80-100 g raisins or red dates(Leave it for future use); 2, crush the pumpkin into mud, add white sugar and mix well, let it cool (otherwise it will blanch the yeast), pour the yeast into twisted warm water (within portion) and stir until melted; 3, pour into the cool steamed pumpkinOf the juice, pumpkin puree, flour and the rest of the water (do not pour all the water at one time), the stirred pumpkin batter is muddy; 4, put a layer of oil on the bottom and surrounding of the mold, pourPumpkin batter; ferment to 2-3 times the size of the warm and humid place; 5. Put the raisins or red dates on the surface and drain them. After the fire is over steam, turn to medium heat for 25 minutes, then turn off the heat for another 5 minutes.

After taking it out, turn it upside down for a while.

Nutritional polysaccharides: Pumpkin polysaccharides are a non-representative immune enhancer, which can improve the body’s immune function, promote the production of cytokines, and exert multiple regulatory functions on the immune system by activating complement.

Carotenoids: The rich carotenoids in pumpkin can be converted into vitamin A with important physiological functions in the body, which has important physiological functions for the growth and differentiation of epithelial tissues, maintaining normal vision, and promoting bone development.

Pectin: The pectin in pumpkin can regulate the absorption rate of food in the stomach and slow down the absorption of sugars. Soluble cellulose can replace the emptying of food in the stomach and control the rise of blood sugar after meals.

Pectin can also be combined with excess plasma in the body to reduce plasma absorption and reduce blood cholesterol levels.

Mineral elements: Pumpkin is rich in cobalt, and it has the highest cobalt content in various vegetables.

Cobalt can activate the body’s metabolism, promote hematopoietic function, and participate in the synthesis of vitamin B12 in the human body. It is a trace element necessary for human micro island cells.

The vitamin C contained in pumpkin prevents nitrate from turning into carcinogen nitrite in the digestive tract.

The mannitol contained in pumpkin reduces the harm to humans caused by toxins in feces.

Pumpkin can eliminate the mutation of carcinogen nitrosamine.

Has anti-cancer effect.

Pumpkin is rich in zinc and is involved in the synthesis of nucleic acids and proteins in the human body. It is an inherent component of adrenal hormones and is an important substance for human growth and development.